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Thai Coconut Corn Soup

I must admit it was the PICTURE of this soup in Nava Atlas' Vegan Express cookbook that got me to make this for the first time. The NAME of the soup never would have. I never thought I liked coconut. But rather, what I'm finding is that I don't like the grated stuff that gets put on cakes and cookies and such. But I'm trying more and more recipes that use coconut MILK, and I'm finding I like that just fine. My first recipe that I tried that used coconut milk was something I figured would be a sure winner: homemade ice cream, and I couldn't even pick up the coconut flavor there. So I got brave and tried this soup and all I can say is YUMMMMMM!!!! As with all the recipes in this cookbook, the soup is very quick to fix (15 minutes or so). It is quite low fat, since the recipe calls for Light Coconut Milk, which only has 4 grams of fat per can. I didn't even use the tablespoon of olive oil that the recipe called for sauteing the veggies in; rather I sauteed them in a bit of broth instead. Serve with crusty bread or for gluten free folks, a gluten free flat bread, and you've got a fabulous lunch or light supper!! Recipe here.

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